NYC! Chicago! San Francisco! Come see me!

I’m doing a WHOLE LOT of live comedy shows this coming month.

Mostly sketch. Some improv. A live podcast panel or two.

Most of the shows are in New York, but LOOK! Two in Chicago, and two in San Francisco! Also, we are booked with some pretty friggin’ amazing acts in SF, I must say.

Anyway, all the links I’ve scattered throughout this post take you to my shows and events page, where you can find more info on all of these. I’d love for you to come see something if you’re in one of these towns! And as always, I love meeting people after the shows, so feel free to come say hello. I’ll totally sign books too, especially because me makes me look like a big deal in front of the rest of the cast.



December Update Schedule

Hey everybody, due to some family business, we won’t be updating this Friday the 19th. There WILL be a comic on Monday the 22nd, and then we’ll be taking the 24th off for Christmas Eve, with regular updates resuming on the 26th.

Thank you all for your understanding, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!


Wendigo Shows

My sketch group, Wendigo is having it’s last show of new material for the season, and the weekend after our BEST OF SHOW. If you’d like to come see us, you should make a reservation because we’ve sold out our previous shows. (TRAVEL DATES COMING SOON!)

Happy holidays, I want to sell you stuff too.

First off, I’d like to give a heads up that there is no comic on Friday because of Thanksgiving (Katanaka) travels for Anthony and me. (And you too, probably!)

After Thanksgiving, it is officially the Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice season, and of course I have a couple things that might make nice presents for somebody you like.

From TODAY until CyyYYYyyybeer Monday, Killer Robot Games is offering a Holiday Special that gets you free shipping on the Dr. McNinja Legendary Showdown card game, AND a free Challenge Coin. They’ve also got a deal on dinged box card games. CHECK IT OUT

Over at TopatoCo I have made a VERY RUDE coaster for you to tell your guests to use a flippin’ coaster already and STOP RUINING YOUR TABLE IF THEY DON’T MIND.

Also at TopatoCo, there’s my very popular aprons, mugs shirts and books! Take a look! Neat things over there.

Thank you for your patronage! Whenever you buy something from me, it basically pays for a lunch, so thank you for that lunch! (I need lunches to live)