Gwenpool goes to series! I’m writing it! Gurihiru’s doing the art! Full interview with me at Entertainment Weekly.

Happy Katanaka (Thanksgiving)!

Hey everybody! Anthony and I are taking the Friday after Thanksgiving off because of the usual family, travel and turkey related obligations. Have a great Thanksgiving and lovely weekend! New page on Monday.



Hello! I’ve been a very busy boy writing other things, and now you can read some of them!

Anthony and I have got an ongoing story set in the fabulous sci-fi comedy series DRIVE, which you can read here.

And starting in HOWARD THE DUCK #1 out today, I help introduce Gwenpool to the Marvel universe. You can pick that up at your local comic shop, or through Comixology. HOWARD is one of my favorite comics out right now, so it was amazing to get to jump in there a little bit.

I’m very excited about both, and I hope you enjoy them!



So… I can’t really say much about this at the moment (because you know, spoilers), but I am writing a new Marvel character called GWENPOOL. She first appeared as a one-off “What If” variant cover (seen above), and then fans started making cosplay, and fan art, so…  Marvel said “Okay yeah, you got it.” And then they called me to write it!


She is making her debut to the Marvel universe in a series of backup stories in Howard the Duck #1-3, the first of which comes out in November.

After that, she gets her own Holiday special! I’ve had a great time writing these short stories. I hope you check them out!