Plugs for friends!

No comic today due to Thanksgiving travel, but oh boy next week we’ve got some fun stuff.

My artwork for Alteil Horizons has been unlocked! If you want to see how this sweet game is played, I’ve been granted access codes to the closed alpha tutuorial, and you may use one! (Until they’re all used up.)

Former McNinja inker Kent Archer did some Mars Attacks artist edition cards for Topps he’s put up for sale. Have a look!

Finally, I gotta plug this comic even though it’s not out yet. (Because I understand in the world of comic book shops, people have to put in orders and things.)

DOWN SET FIGHT is the story of one man punching the bejeezus out of every single mascot in professional sports. (For good reason, I assure you.) I got to read it and it’s DELIGHTFUL. If you’re the comic shop pre-ordering type, I recommend doing so!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!





Some things:

Legendary Showdown (almost done! I’ll shut up soon! Some people still haven’t seen it!)

48 hours left to get in on pre-ordering Legendary Showdown via Kickstarter and getting in on the KS exclusive goodies. (Dr. McNinja written pamphlets, challenge coins, bonus cards like those above, sketch cards hand drawn by ME)

The folks at Killer Robot Games have also made a gameplay video that may entice you!

I’ve designed some new merchandise over at TopatoCo! The first is an image of my dog somehow taking control of a battle mech.

The second thing is a mug my wife Carly and I designed together to express certain feelings we may have about a certain meme.

Longshot  Saves the Marvel Universe#2 came out today! You can get it at your local comic shop, or local digital comics reader thing.

It’s probably one of the more enjoyable things I’ve written! Click this-a way for a preview.

Finally, if you’re in New York, I’ve got some comedy appearances coming up! Check my website for dates.



Final days of the Legendary Showdown Kickstarter

Well as of writing we’ve raised $69,000 to create the Legendary Showdown card game, 6 days away from the end of the funding period. The success blows me away. I’m so happy so many people are excited for this game.

For our final push, we’ve got some new stretch goals AND a new reward tier I’d like to draw your attention to.

If you pledge $115 you get all the goodies of lower tiers plus a 3rd unique challenge coin, and a hand drawn playing card by me, of a character that is not in the normal game. As of this writing, there are only 28 of these left, though if it really blows out, we might offer a few more.

New stretch goals! We’ve blown through several stretch goals at this point, gaining a gameplay video tutorial, upgraded quality printing, a second challenge coin, new game characters, new artwork from me for five cards, and quick guide cards.

But there’s been an incredible demand on this game, and I’m really excited to see if we can make some even cooler stuff to go with it.

$75,000: We unlock a new challenge coin (probably of Gordito and Yoshi) and an oversized collector card included with the game

$100,000: Two more Kickstarter backer exclusive oversized collector cards included with every game.

$125,000: Here is where things get nutty. We’re shooting for the moon, but we want to give you cool stuff for it. We will produce Dr. McNinja figurines and include them with every pledge $50 or higher.

$150,000: And this is the big one. On top of the regular webcomic, I’ll make a Kickstarter backer exclusive stand alone 22 page Dr. McNinja e-book comic that will go out free to every single backer, AND we’ll give those figurines away with every copy of the game, no matter the pledge level. This stretch goal is an insane number, but it could happen!

Thanks again for all the tremendous support so far! I love this game, and I hope you will too.


A Bounty of Dr. McNinja News

I am a guest on Comic Book Club tonight! If you live in the NYC area and would like to spend your Tuesday evening watching me and a few comedians talk comic books, well then this is a fine way to achieve that goal. The show is free, and you must be 21 to enter (because it is a bar). If you miss the show, you can catch the podcast! But coming live might get you PRIIIIIZEEES. (some donated by Midtown Comics, some by me. Also my prizes are totally sweet)

Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe #1 comes out TOMORROW, Wednesday November 6th! Jacopo and I worked really hard on this book, and we’re both quite proud of it, so I hope you check it out. Also Issues 3-4 will be coming out EVERY OTHER WEEK. PRETTY LUCKY. Available at your local comic shop, and probably digitally through Comixology or the Marvel Comics App.

Hey that Kickstarter we’re doing for Legendary Showdown is going uh… PRETTY GREAT. As of this writing, we’ve blown past the goal of $15,000, ensuring the game will be funded and produced. As of this writing, the Kickstarter has raised $54,000, meaning we’ve already blasted through some stretch goal rewards that I am currently working on, like redrawn cards, new characters and action cards, and a new challenge coin. You can take a look at the updates on the Kickstarter page for more info.

I have to say that Blake at Killer Robot Games and I are both pretty blown away by the INCREDIBLE support that kind folks like you have put in. It’s a really great game, and I’m so happy so many of you are into it! With support like this, we’ve got some sweet stretch goal prizes we’ll be unveiling soon, stuff I wouldn’t have thought possible at the start of this campaign. Keep an eye out over the next couple days! We’re making cool things!

I should also mention I’m doing art for ANOTHER card game, Alteil Horizons. It looks pretty incredible! Take a look.

One final thing: I’m still doing personalized book orders through TopatoCo! We’ll be leaving the sale open until sometime in early-mid December aka: Christmas order cutoff.