It is Adventure Time. I’ll let Comics Alliance deliver the news:

“Of all the sentences I’ve read in comics news this week, none have been as much of an emotional rollercoaster as this one: Ryan North is leaving the Adventure Time comic, and will be replaced as writer by Christopher Hastings.”

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That’s right! Starting with Issue #36, out this coming January, I’m the new writer on the Adventure Time ongoing series, with art by Zachary Sterling. Ryan North’s a dear friend, and I’m honored to be taking the reins from him. I am also terrified to fill his enormous shoes. Ryan’s Adventure Time run is one of the finest collection of humor comics out there, (multiple awards and the ridiculous sales numbers agree) and he’ll be a tough act to follow.


Happy US Federal Holiday! Comic returns Wednesday.

WENDIGO Sketch Comedy!

If you have been watching this space, you probably know that for a while now I’ve been doing improv comedy in NYC. I love improv, and those of you who were nice enough to come see a show know it was a really good time! But I have decided to take a break from improv to focus more on my writing, but I don’t want to give up working in live comedy. SO GUESS WHAT I STARTED WRITING SKETCH COMEDY. Yes and it turns out I’m good enough at it to get on a Magnet sketch team. We’re called Wendigo, we have a show every month until December (then TWO shows in December). Our first is THIS SUNDAY, September 21st, 7:30PM at the Magnet Theater. (It says New Team Keenan because it hasn’t been updated yet)

The other eight members of Wendigo are all tremendously funny writers and performers, our director is terrific, and we’ve been working very hard for the past few weeks putting together a half-hour sketch show. We’ll be sharing the hour with Baby Shoes, one of my favorite teams, and I know they’ll bring some good comedy too.

If you’re in town, I’d love for you to come see it!


I wrote a sketch about a talking hot dog, and I shall be the voice of the talking hot dog.

Legendary Showdown & SPX

Legendary Showdown, the Dr. McNinja card game is now officially on sale through Killer Robot Games! Thank you to everyone who backed the Kickstarter initially, and everyone who preordered after that. It’s been really great to hear how much everyone has been enjoying the game. Everyone else: you can buy it now too! If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the description:

Players engage in outrageous battles featuring the best characters, weapons, and mustaches from the Dr. McNinja universe. Legendary Showdown combines strategy, timing, and wit to create hilarious battles with surprise endings. You will use cards like Chainsaw Nunchucks, Anti-zombie Suit, Mustache of Authority, and Critical Strike to create a battle plan. If you reveal your strategy too early, someone could pre-empt it; however, if you wait too long you might miss your chance. You can add secret bonuses to your characters to raise the stakes or sabotage your opponents’ characters with lousy weapons. You can mess with your opponents’ lines to give yourself the best advantage. At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins. Surviving characters are placed in the back of the line and a new battle begins. The player with the last character standing wins!

 September 13-14th I will be at SPX in Bethesda, MD! I’ve kind of cooled it on the conventions lately, so I’m excited to return to one I’ve always loved. I’ll have a smattering of things to sell and sign for you, and of course I’m happy to sign anything you bring from home. You can find me with other TopatoCo lovelies along the wall at W23-30. I hope to see you there!