So… I can’t really say much about this at the moment (because you know, spoilers), but I am writing a new Marvel character called GWENPOOL. She first appeared as a one-off “What If” variant cover (seen above), and then fans started making cosplay, and fan art, so…  Marvel said “Okay yeah, you got it.” And then they called me to write it!


She is making her debut to the Marvel universe in a series of backup stories in Howard the Duck #1-3, the first of which comes out in November.

After that, she gets her own Holiday special! I’ve had a great time writing these short stories. I hope you check them out!


New Wendigo Show!

My sketch comedy group’s written up a whole new show for this Sunday! If you’re in NYC, come out and see us! Tickets here.

All New Sketch Comedy from W E N D I G O

Hey hey! After a refreshing summer break, my sketch team WENDIGO is back in action, with TWO SHOWS, one in Boston, and then NYC the next day! EDIT: I will not be at the Boston show, though the rest of the team will.

BOSTON – SEPTEMBER 12TH, 10PM: Part of the Boston Comedy Arts Festival alongside the amazing Girlie Project, and OSFUG. It’s our first time in Boston (Cambridge, whatever) and we would love it if you came out! Tickets: $22 EDIT: Again, I will not personally be at this one, though the rest of the team will, and they are very good.

NYC – SEPTEMBER 13TH, 7:30PM: It’s our Fall season debut at our home theater, the Magnet! All new sketches! We’re sharing the hour with the fabulous Stockton! Tickets: $7


PS: TopatoCon’s coming up soon too!! And speaking of sketch, I’ll be teaching a sketch writing workshop there! Attendance is free (as are all the other workshops) but space is limited so make sure to sign up on the earlier side of… the ongoing flow of time.

TopatoCon! September 26th – 27th

I’ll be exhibiting at the first ever TopatoCon fest in Easthampton, Massachusetts! There’s a ton of other great guests, and cool looking programming. I encourage you to attend!