Wendigo in Toronto Sketch Fest!

Wooo, more Wendigo tour time!

We’d love for you to come see us! And we’ll try to hang around outside the theater after the show if you want to say hi or get a sticker. :D


New Legendary Showdown!

Killer Robot Games is expanding Legendary Showdown with a couple of awesome web comics! Girl Genius & Gunnerkrig Court! Yes, this means you can now have Dr. McNinja face off against Antimony Carver with a Spork Gun. There’s a whole bunch of sweet add-ons and pledge level bonus items, including a totally new set of Dr. McNinja Battle Magnets. There’s also a NEW expansion of Dr. McNinja cards for the game! Check ‘er out!


PS: My second issue of ADVENTURE TIME comes out this week! Here’s a preview.

My first issue of Adventure Time, released today!

Did you know I am now writing the Adventure Time ongoing comic book series? I am! It’s true. Art is by the tremendous Zachary Sterling, with colors by the fantastic Maarta Laiho, and stupendous Steve Wands on letters.

You can check out a preview here. And if you like it, you can get the whole issue at your local comic shop or digitally on Comixology!


NYC! Chicago! San Francisco! Come see me!

I’m doing a WHOLE LOT of live comedy shows this coming month.

Mostly sketch. Some improv. A live podcast panel or two.

Most of the shows are in New York, but LOOK! Two in Chicago, and two in San Francisco! Also, we are booked with some pretty friggin’ amazing acts in SF, I must say.

Anyway, all the links I’ve scattered throughout this post take you to my shows and events page, where you can find more info on all of these. I’d love for you to come see something if you’re in one of these towns! And as always, I love meeting people after the shows, so feel free to come say hello. I’ll totally sign books too, especially because me makes me look like a big deal in front of the rest of the cast.