Happy April Fools!

I hoped you all enjoyed my little tribute to Dinosaur Comics for yesterday’s post. If you want to make your own Dr. McNinja comics in such a fashion, feel free to go nuts with this template.


Late strip

Sorry for posting today’s comic so late! I was working out a new comic making technique that might save some time in the future. I hope you like the results!


Improv Comedy

Should you ever find yourself in NYC on a Wednesday night and would like to be entertained on the cheap, you should come out to MEGAWATT at the Magnet Theater, and see me perform with my improv team, ZEPPELIN. (Did you know I do improv? I do.)

“High-Powered improv from Magnet’s own Super Groups. Our resident ensembles gather to dazzle audiences with various forms of improv comedy. The forms are constantly evolving, and no two shows are the same. Come see what your favorites are up to this week.”

It’s $7 for an hour, OR for the whole night if you want to stay! The teams are always rotating, so check the schedule to see when ZEPPELIN is up.


PS: My talented and charming wife, Carly is on DAWSON, and they’re hilarious too

Dig Dug!

Ryan NorthAnthony Clark and I have teamed up to make a new webcomic based on the classic arcade game, Dig Dug! Ryan and I wrote it, and Anthony and I are doing the arts! You can read an interview about it on Comics Alliance, or just go read the comic! (We make Galaga too, if you want some o’ dat.)