I’m writing a new mini-series for Marvel! The God of Lies runs for President of the United States. More info at CBR. (This was the thing that was making things a bit crazy earlier.


No comic today

Hey everybody! I’m sorry but I’ve fallen a bit behind on McNinja, and need to take the weekend to regroup. I took on a BIT more freelance than I could chew (but it’s for something very exciting and will be announced quite soon)

I COULD just draw a full page panel of Dr. McNinja getting stopped by Mongo behind that door he just ducked through, but that would be a cheap time buying tactic, and I’d rather make sure this story moves at a decent clip with exciting pages that actually move the plot.

(That said after writing this weekend, I still might decide that’s the right choice. Probably not though. Especially since I just said it’d be cheap.)

If you’d like to enjoy some other funny and action packed pages I’ve written, there’s a preview for Adventure Time #50 up.

Finally, I’ll make sure to have an extra page at some point this month to make up for it.

Thank you,