No comic today

Hey everybody! I’m sorry but I’ve fallen a bit behind on McNinja, and need to take the weekend to regroup. I took on a BIT more freelance than I could chew (but it’s for something very exciting and will be announced quite soon)

I COULD just draw a full page panel of Dr. McNinja getting stopped by Mongo behind that door he just ducked through, but that would be a cheap time buying tactic, and I’d rather make sure this story moves at a decent clip with exciting pages that actually move the plot.

(That said after writing this weekend, I still might decide that’s the right choice. Probably not though. Especially since I just said it’d be cheap.)

If you’d like to enjoy some other funny and action packed pages I’ve written, there’s a preview for Adventure Time #50 up.

Finally, I’ll make sure to have an extra page at some point this month to make up for it.

Thank you,



A GAME I am writing for! Commander Kamala Lays Down The Law

I’m thrilled to finally announce that I am writing for an exciting new indie game, Commander Kamala Lays Down The Law. You’re a space cop! Your partner is a talking space cop dog! You fly around shooting bad guys. And it features dialogue and narration by ME.

Check out the trailer! If you’re interested in purchasing this someday, give it a “Yes” vote on Steam Greenlight. It’s been really cool being a part of this game for such a long time, and finally seeing it getting close to release (in the scheme of how long it takes to make a game, of course).


Guest Comic at Drive

Recently Anthony and I were lucky enough to make a comic for the fantastic Drive series. The entire thing has been published, so now you can read it all in one sitting! Thanks again to Dave Kellett for having us! Drive’s a really excellent comic, and if you like what we did for it, you should be sure to read the main series.