Legendary Showdown & SPX

Legendary Showdown, the Dr. McNinja card game is now officially on sale through Killer Robot Games! Thank you to everyone who backed the Kickstarter initially, and everyone who preordered after that. It’s been really great to hear how much everyone has been enjoying the game. Everyone else: you can buy it now too! If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the description:

Players engage in outrageous battles featuring the best characters, weapons, and mustaches from the Dr. McNinja universe. Legendary Showdown combines strategy, timing, and wit to create hilarious battles with surprise endings. You will use cards like Chainsaw Nunchucks, Anti-zombie Suit, Mustache of Authority, and Critical Strike to create a battle plan. If you reveal your strategy too early, someone could pre-empt it; however, if you wait too long you might miss your chance. You can add secret bonuses to your characters to raise the stakes or sabotage your opponents’ characters with lousy weapons. You can mess with your opponents’ lines to give yourself the best advantage. At the end of the round, the player with the most points wins. Surviving characters are placed in the back of the line and a new battle begins. The player with the last character standing wins!

 September 13-14th I will be at SPX in Bethesda, MD! I’ve kind of cooled it on the conventions lately, so I’m excited to return to one I’ve always loved. I’ll have a smattering of things to sell and sign for you, and of course I’m happy to sign anything you bring from home. You can find me with other TopatoCo lovelies along the wall at W23-30. I hope to see you there!



If you’re tired of a certain meme, or you just want people to shut up, there is a t-shirt and mug that might express that for you.


New story starts on Monday!

That’s it! Just, new story on Monday. :D


Improv Comedy News

I’ve posted July’s show dates for those of you who are in New York and would like to see me perform live improv comedy! Something worth mentioning is that my old Megawatt team, Zeppelin is no more. We had our three month run, and the theater decided we weren’t working out, so we were not renewed. HOWEVER I have been cast in an all new team, MAGIC DAD. Those of you who came out to see Zeppelin might notice that three other former Zeppelin members are with me, which is pretty swell. Even BETTER, my darling wife Carly Monardo is with us too, as well as three former members of her old team, Dawson!

Anyway it’s a great group of hilarious people, and we’re all loving it. I hope you come see us!