New York Comic Con!

I’ll be with Ryan North in Artists Alley for NYCC! Come visit!

Labors of the Day

Ah hello! Happy Labor Day! I thought I’d take a bit of time this holiday to share with you all the other various things I’ve been laboring on besides this comic! (You will see, it is quite a bit) 

Later this month, VOTE LOKI concludes with it’s fourth and final issue. The trade collection’s due out in October if you want to catch the whole thing. Will Loki, the God of Lies soon be the President of the United States?  MAYBE!

I continue to write THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL, the ongoing series about how normal person from a normal world somehow survives in the Marvel universe. (With lots of guns and a knowledge that she’s in a comic book) This month’s release, Issue #6 sees the conclusion of Gwen Poole’s team-up with Miles Morales, Spider-Man! The first GWENPOOL trade collection is out in early November.

ADVENTURE TIME #56 is out this month, continuing the story of a strange fantasy world governed by robot friend BMO. And if you’d like to catch the trade collections, the ones I’ve written have started rolling out as well. Volume 10 comes out this November, with Volumes 8, 9 and 10 now available from wherever you like to buy books!

I’ve also got a non-comic ADVENTURE TIME book coming out! ADVENTURE TIME: HOW TO WARRIOR BY FIONNA AND CAKE is uh… well I guess it’s exactly what the title says it is. A guide to adventuring by Fionna and Cake (but secretly me. I wrote it. And Zach Sterling illustrated it.)

New York Comic Con’s coming up! October 6th – 9th. I’ll be hanging out with Ryan North in Artist’s Alley , Booth #G8 for most of the show, with some other scattered signings about. I’ll update this page with a final schedule once I have it. Come say hi!

Aaand you better believe I’m still writing and performing live sketch comedy at the Magnet Theater. My previous team, Dreadful Affair was *aherm* retired, and so I have been added to the stupendous Student Council. You can find a schedule of all our show dates at

Have a lovely holiday. DR. MCNINJA: THE END, resumes Wednesday.


Romeo And/Or Juliet

Happy Memorial Day to anybody who might be celebrating this weekend!

Did you know that I did an illustration for Ryan North’s new book? And you can pre-order it and maybe win a P R I Z E?


Gwenpool #1


Gwenpool #1 is now available at your local comic shop or comixology! It’s getting hella good reviews, I’m happy to say. Give it a look!