Issue One Half

The original. Created summer 2004 for a class at the School of Visual Arts, and then shown pretty much just to the SA Forums. There are crude drawings, spelling errors and an appearance by someone who has died since the creation of this comic. But I’m not changing any of it! PLEASE DON’T READ THIS ONE FIRST. Wait till you read the first “official” two issues, then come back if you want.


Meet the Doctor and His Friendly Staff

This would be the official Dr. McNinja #1, launching the website in October 2005.

A woman’s son becomes ill in the middle of the night, and on the way to the hospital, they find a doctor’s office open. After that, things get nuts.


So What IS a McNinja?

Dr. McNinja #2
We got a little McNinja origin, and a lotta pirate asskicking.


There is a Raptor in My Office

Dr. McNinja #3
Please be sure your disbelief is thoroughly and properly suspended before reading.


D.A.R.E To Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence Part 1

Dr. McNinja #4
Doc’s dad comes to him for help with wiping a new drug from the streets. My goodness!


D.A.R.E To Resist Ninja Drugs and Ninja Violence Part 2

Part two of our homage to 80′s action movies.
Chris started digitally shading the comic in this one!


Dr. McGuestravaganza '07

A collection of self contained strips by Fred Grisolm, Tom Siddell, Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, John Allison, David McGuire, KC Green, Sam Logan, Jeph Jacques, Carly Monardo, and Ryan Estrada


Revenge of the Hundred Dead Ninja

Dr. McNinja #5
All the ninjas Doc killed rise from the dead for revenge!


I Told You That Story So I Could Tell You This One

Dr. McNinja #6

Gordito goes to train with the McNinja family while Doc determines the cause for all the zombies from the last issue.


Spooky Stuff

Dr. McNinja #7

The doctor’s old friend finds out that resurrection might be scarier than comics make it seem, while Gordito and the McNinjas prepare to face a deadly spectral foe.


Punch Dracula

Dr. McNinja #8

The climax and finale to the previous three issues. I assure you, the title is entirely accurate, and it’s awesome. Just be sure you’ve read everything leading up to it for the full satisfaction.


Monster Mart

Dr. McNinja #9
Now in color! A self contained story that requires no knowledge of the previous issues.


Death Volley

Dr. McNinja #10

Another story you could get away with reading on it’s own. Combine the deadly game of tennis with Legends of the Hidden Temple, and here you go.


Doc Gets Rad

Dr. McNinja #11

Our hero doctor finds himself increasingly frustrated with the rascally antics of King Radical. So he gets a totally sweet motorcycle to hunt him down.

Army of One

Dr. McNinja #12. Dr. McNinja remembers a missing piece of his past, and then sets out to save it.

Judy Gets a Kitten

Dr. McNinja #13. Judy gets a kitten.

Stolen Pizza - Stolen Lives

Issue #14 Dr. McNinja crosses over with Axe Cop! Part one of this story is on axecop.com

Space Savers

Dr. McNinja #15