Original Art


It’s true! Do you like a page from the comic SO MUCH that you want to have the original artwork for it? The actual PAPER and INK we drew it with? Well you can have it!

All pages (unless noted) are drawn on good quality heavy bristol paper. Prices vary depending on quality of artwork, if they’ve been computer edited, prominence of certain characters, and general awesomeness..

It is worth emphasizing that each page is unique. These are the actual pieces of paper we draw on, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. You will own something that can never be created again. We should also mention that all of the color and text is done digitally. If you’d like to see what a particular page looks like without that stuff, I’d be happy to send a JPEG.

And without further intro, here is the list of available pages with prices. Send me an email (chris (at) drmcninja (dot) com) if you have further questions, or if you’d like to purchase a page!

I’ve limited selection to a few of my favorites for ease of shopping, and for my own sanity. All of these look GREAT on the original page. 

The first appearance of Judy. $150

A zombie ninja tries to bite an armored citizen. $65

A possessed Dr. McNinja attacks Judy. $85

The magnificent flying Juan! $75

Marty the monster yells at the bad men. $75

Gordito and Judy plot. $75

Dr. McNinja plays tennis against an ancient robot. $85

The tennis temple begins to self destruct. $85

Dr. McNinja chases King Radical in his car. $75

King Radical launches his dirt bike into a wizard’s face. $95

Dr. McNinja rides his motorcycle through a van. $75

Dr. McNinja and King Radical continue their chase on a roof. $75

Dr. McNinja and King Radical just keep on going! $85

Dr. McNinja sees a time monster while driving a motorcycle through caves. $85

Mongo bursts out of a tree. $75

Frans messing up McNinja clones. $85

Dr. McNinja dodges the flying bodies of his clones. $75

King Radical throws an underling’s bike into a tree. $75

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to purchase a page!