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Art Sale


“What?! $55? Chris, those prices are CRAZY. You are CRAZY.”

Yes. You see I found a book that made some very interesting points of the true nature of existance and Y’AI’NG’NGAH YOG-SOTHOTH H’EE-L’GEB AAAAAH …

Contact me if you’d like to purchase one of the pages! chris(at)drmcninja(dot)com.  Further information on original art is here.


Best sellers and worst sellers!

From now until Halloween, now’s the time for GOOD TIMES and GREAT SAVINGS over at the TopatoCo brand T-Shirt Euthanizing Hut. All the last chance items now start at a mere $15! Check out dem bargains.

In the realm of entertaining items for you to read, I have WONDERFUL NEWS! A book so very long in the making is finally on sale. THE MACHINE OF DEATH, a fiction anthology with short stories by many of your favorite internet folks! David Malki! Ryan North! Randall Munroe! Yahtzee Croshaw! AND THATS NOT ALL. Many of your favorite webcartoonists and artists provided the illustrations! (Including myself.) This Tuesday, we’d like to try and make the book an Amazon best seller for JUST ONE DAY. Please check out the website for more info.

Time for a sale!


I’ve got a bunch of very nice looking original art not doing anybody any good sitting in my closet! Let’s move it out of there! From now until March 15th, all original artwork is 20% off. Take a look at the list and see if there are any you like! Then email me and START THAT TRANSACTION. WOO!


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