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New Dr. McNinja posters!

If you have something AWFUL on your home wall, I have got some great news for you! You can cover it up with a large print of a Dr. McNinja book cover! These things are LOVELY. 14″ by 22″ on intensely high quality thick premium super great matte paper. I guess… I guess it would be nice if you were to share in this joy with me.


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Axe Cop/McNinja Prints Now Available

Now when you look at this spot on your wall, you can forever remember Dr. McNinja’s adventure in the Axe Cop universe.



It’s an axe wielding, lab coat wearing, monster truck driving new t-shirt!

What’s for dinner?

Next time you have dinner guests over, make them a little nervous with this new apron splattered with what may or may not be glimmering silver unicorn blood! From Raptor Bandit Industries! (It is me. I am Raptor Bandit Industries) Also you may recall the SPACE FIGHT print I’ve been taking around to conventions this year. Well it’s now available to the general public who uses internet to buy things.


Don’t  y’all forget I’m going to be at The Small Press Expo for my first time next weekend! Anthony will be there too! There’s actually such an amazing collection of many of my favorite artists, cartoonists, and generally just people that this is a show that I would personally go to whether I was exhibiting or not. I hope to see you there.

Finally a quick personal note. I know I’ve been doing a lot more sales pitches and things lately, whether for new TopatoCo products or for original art for the comic. And I just wanted to say thank you to anybody who’s made a purchase to help support Anthony and I make this comic. I don’t sell as many t-shirts as I did before you know… THE ECONOMY, but quite honestly it’s still pretty amazing that Anthony and I can make our livings off of giving free comics away. So thank you very much to anybody who’s bought a book, t-shirt, print or whatever from us. (Or multiple items! Shoutout to the dude who dropped $70 on our stuff while drunk one night.) We really appreciate it.