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And now a message from Raptor Bandit Industries

I have a new t-shirt for you over at TopatoCo! Now I know not everybody is going to “get” it, but maybe those of you with a more… refined taste in science fiction and board games?

Sadly, it is also time to say goodbye to some classic Raptor Bandit Industries designs. They’ve served me well throughout the years, but we need to clear shelf space for some hot new blood. If you want any of these, I suggest you order now, because you’ll be purchasing the last few in¬†existence.

Get these guys before they are dead and haunting me as scary t-shirt ghosts!

Emerald City, and a REVOLUTIONARY new print!

eccnewsDid you know that I am going to be in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con? I will! You can find me at the TopatoCo fortress (Booth 202). I’ll be doing the usual chit chatting, glad handing, book signing, tshirt hawking that you’d expect from a friendly Cartoonepreneur like myself.



Because check out this sweet print I just did up with Anthony!


If you don’t like that image, I’m not sure if you like Dr. McNinja. But Dr. McNinja getting dropped out of a space shuttle to fight dinosaur astronauts isn’t the best part. The best part are those white spaces I’ve strategically placed into the composition. If you buy yourself one of these fine posters from me at the convention, not only will I sign that poster for you, but I’ll do stuff like this.



I hope to see you there. I hope I get to draw in wacky things on this poster for you.

ECCC image brazenly stolen from the Sheldon blog. Thanks, Dave! And yes. I have drank coffee in the shower. I’ve drank a lot of things in the shower.


These two CHAMPIONS of LIBERTY represent the long awaited answer to America’s desperate cry for an administration driven by the tenants of ADVENTURE!

Archibald, King of the Hobos has known the finest of adventures in his many years riding the rails! One time he met an honest to goodness mummified prince of Egypt! The hobo king reports that this very mummy has proved to be the most trustworthy creature that Archibald has EVER KNOWN!

Together, these nobel monarchs have sworn to relinquish their crowns to enter the thrilling arena of DEMOCRACY. Only THEY can lead the United States to a bold new future! A future… OF ADVENTURE.

(I have a new shirt and print design on sale.)

There are just certain rules of the universe.


I swear to you, I did not have a t-shirt in mind when making this page of the comic. Maybe my brain is just wired to relay information in t-shirt friendly imagery? Either way, a lot of you have let me know you’d like it, so I did a bit of redrawing, and here it is! Thank you very much! I always appreciate merchandise suggestions, and of course your patronage.