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So much NEWS >:D

I did a couple interviews recently. Ethan Nicolle and I interviewed EACH OTHER for Dark Horse. Then there’s 20 Questions Tuesday.  and SVA’s INK Spring 2012 Magazine! SVA is where I went to college! It was quite a treat. Also, note that INK is a publication meant for looking prettiest on iPads, and that link takes you to the iTunes Store.


Progress on the Kickstarter for Dr. McNinja’s Radical Adventures has been slow but steady! As of this writing, it is 16% funded, with 20 days to go. Some exciting new updates have been added as backer rewards, including getting to play as McLuchador, King Radical, or Dancing Zombie Ben Franklin! SO COOL. We’d love to see this game get made, but it needs your support! And a lot of it! Personally, I kicked in at the level where you get Dr. McNinja SODA. Again… so cool.


Finally, I got a couple of my favorite conventions coming up in Canada! Next week is Calgary Expo, where I’ll be joining the entire crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D), and the week after that is TCAF, where I’ll be joining the entire cast of Homestuck*.


*I will actually be with TopatoCo at both shows, not with fictional things.