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Holidays and Interviews

First, a quick note to inform you that the comic will not be updating on Christmas or New Years Day.

Secondly, here are some new interviews! One about the comic. And one about my dog. I think I did a lot of interviews in 2009. 2010, I’m just going to hermit it up a bit more.

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Did I say no comic today?!

Well DON’T WORRY! Because our colorist Anthony has come to the rescue!

Anthony did a pretty good interview recently. You should read it!

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“In our new regular series — the Masters of Internet Question-Answery — TopatoCo will bring you top-notch information, shocking confessions, inside insight, and probably lasting shame straight from the mouths of our favorite internet creator-types. Today we meet Christopher Hastings, writer and penciller of the comic book The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

I have a nice chat with my pal, David Malki about making wacky comics and weirdo t-shirts. Have a look!

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Welcome back to the site! I hope you all had a nice time at those nice Nicolle boys’ website last week.

- I’m afraid I lied to you. Stolen Pizza – Stolen Lives will be 10 pages, not 6. We’ll be updating every day this week. I apologize for any inconvenience.

- Ethan and I did an interview for Urlesque to talk about the creation of the crossover.

- Fanart!


Thanks, Gavin!

- Jeffrey Rowland’s Overcompensating finally sees the light of print! Besides the innards being filled with one of my favorite comics, it features a beautiful cover by John Keogh, and an introduction by Ambassador to Partyonia, Andrew WK!

- Dr. McNinja makes his funny pages debut in My Cage! Thanks, guys!