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MC Frontalot needs a booking agent

Friend of McNinja and Godfather of Nerdcore, MC Frontalot is planning a new tour! Only problem is he needs a new booking agent. And he has no idea how to find one. Maybe you’re one? Click here for more details.

In the likely event that you are not a booking agent or know one, why not just check out some of Front’s jams? He’s pretty good at jams. (Favorites of mine are It is Pitch Dark, Tongue Clucking Gramarian, and RAPPERS WE CRUSH)

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The Notes of a Crazy Person

If you enjoyed Dr. McNinja’s drunken time travel ideas, you might like my Horribleville guest comic.

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Running GAGG XV: The Search for Running GAGG XIV

rgsquirrels This weekend I am going to be at Running GAGG, “The Gaming Convention by Gamers for Gamers.” Also there will be Jeffrey Rowland, cartoonist and King of TopatoCo, and Joey Comeau, writer and King of Trouble.

We’re going to be playing games and whatnots, and probably doing chit chats on webcomics and the like.  TopatoCo will have a booth to sell our wares, including a new t-shirt that I will be debuting at the convention. I also don’t think it would be unreasonable to sign and sketch in books for folks!

I hope to see you there!

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“In our new regular series — the Masters of Internet Question-Answery — TopatoCo will bring you top-notch information, shocking confessions, inside insight, and probably lasting shame straight from the mouths of our favorite internet creator-types. Today we meet Christopher Hastings, writer and penciller of the comic book The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

I have a nice chat with my pal, David Malki about making wacky comics and weirdo t-shirts. Have a look!

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