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Jake DiGregorio made a pretty neat theme song for Dr. McNinja! It is fun to listen to while reading the comic.


Ian Wilson commissioned some mini paintings from Katie Cook for his birthday. The above is my favorite, but there are more at his site.

Twitter user @ewzzy made a Nasaghast halloween decoration!

This delightful comic was given to me at SPX by a Avi Roberts. Thanks, Avi!

Finally, adorable fancy Gordito with sparkle accessories comes from Jessi of Geeks Next Door. 

Thanks, everybody!


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I’ve been sitting on some pretty great fanart for a while, and today I remembered I should actually post it.

Lea made a Dr. McNinja doll! He comes alive at night and fights off monsters (probably). I can only assume, since that’s what the Squishable McNinjas do too.

Victoria carved up a NASAghast VS. Horrorsaurus pumpkin for Halloween! WHOAAAH!

Nik and Kelly decided to do up some oversized novelty mugs/urns as gifts for their friends!

Beth made Dr. McNINJABREAD cookies!

Thank you so much for sharing your craftwerk with us, guys!


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Fantimes Friday!

I’ve got some fun fan stuff I’ve been saving up to share with you! First up, Kyle here wore some appropriate attire to Natural Bridge, VA.

Joseph provided this amazing photo from Megacon.

And finally, Jason animated the Wee McMcNinja doing uh… ninja bounces.

Thanks, guys! -Christopher

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