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Team Nice Wizard

Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie is doing a mad book tour, traveling the entire USA, joined by a smattering of webcartoonists at each stop. THIS TUESDAY, July 7th it’s Meredith, Rich Stevens, Jon Rosenberg, and ME signing at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY.

Gosh I sure hope to see you there! I’ll have copies of my most recent book, and some prints with Dr. McNinja fighting space dinosaurs.

David Malki! of Wondermark recently did his own mad tour, and somewhere in between California and North Carolina, he got a little behind on comics making. But that brilliant old fellow knew just what to do. Print out a template, and get his pals to draw in some heads and words! I think it was a great success, and among a few others you’ll find entries by both me and Anthony.

Wrapping up this Dr. McBlogstorm, today Geekosystem asked “prominent geeks” are they on Team Edward, or Team Jacob? You will find my answer at the bottom of the page. My personal favorite answer was from Warren Ellis.