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Fear Itself: Deadpool

I have no idea how to break this news other than, “HOLY HECK YOU GUYS, I’M WRITING DEADPOOL!!!” Read the news over at!



What a lovely Monday!


While today’s comic gets polished up and ready for posting, here are some items of INTEREST.


Thanks to Ben for the astounding and terrifying NASAghast artwork!

Fear Itself: Deadpool comes out NEXT WEEK + Comic Book Jones Signing

I am quite pleased to let you know that the first issue of Fear Itself: Deadpool hits comic shops on June 8th! And that’s not all that day. I’ll be signing at Comic Book Jones on Staten Island, from 3-9. To know CBJ is to love it, so anybody not familiar with this shop who might live nearby, I encourage you to come down! They’ll have the Deadpool book, as well as Night Powers. And of course you’re quite welcome to bring in books you already own for me to sign.

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Deadpool is out! Deadpool is out!

I am proud to announce that TODAY you may now buy and enjoy Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 (of 3). I WROTE IT YOU GUUUUYYYS! Drawn by the incredible Bong Dazo, with a cover by the hilarious and talented Ryan Stegman. And of course much is owed to Editor X-Treme Jordan White, tying the whole thing together.

If you enjoy either Dr. McNinja OR Deadpool, it is likely you’ll like this comic. There’s explosions, and monster trucks, and a wise cracking, kind of crazy, sword wielding ninja-esque protagonist. And I promise you don’t really need to know anything about Deadpool’s cannon or Fear Itself to understand what’s going on.

Also if it sells well, I look good, and maybe get to write more things. I would like to write more things.

NOW I AM OFF TO COMIC BOOK JONES! Find your local shop here.


Thanks to Jeremy V for the captioned image up top!

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