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Big News for Important Times

Let’s get this first one out of the way. Due to the exhaustive nature of New York Comic Con, there will be no Dr. McNinja comic today. Updates resume on Wednesday.


Anthony and I collaborated on a Bad Machinery guest comic that just so happens to have gone up today! It is about the magic wishing pencil that caused all sorts of problems in the Bad Machinery issue that just wrapped up.


This weekend at New York Comic Con, Dark Horse announced that they will be publishing Night Powers, Volume 4 of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. (Oddly enough, no the Axe Cop crossover had nothing to do with it. Dark Horse just has good taste in webcomics. See also their Achewood, Perry Bible Fellowship, and Wondermark collections.)

For more information, sneak peeks, and entertaining tidbits, check my interview with Comics Alliance!



Video Interview

While at New York Comic Con, I did a short video interview about the upcoming volume of Dr. McNinja, Night Powers. Watch it if you want!

Dr. McNinja Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day! I’ve got two for you! One is from Dark Horse, featuring Doc on his sexy sexy evil motorcycle.

The other is some fan art from Nick! Thank you! Enjoy, everyone!



BREAKING NEWS (it is always breaking news, shut up who cares)

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Series 2, Volume 1: Night Powers will debut BEFORE IT’S OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, next weekend, May 7th!

night powers


HOT DAMN this is exciting. TCAF is an amazing show, and I’m so happy to be debuting the new book there. I will be on hand to personalize copies. Let me lay some smooth bullet points on this book for you.

  • Dark Horse published it! Awesome!
  • This is the VERY FIRST full color Dr. McNinja book! It contains Monster Mart, Death Volley, and Doc Gets Rad.
  • It features a comic introduction by the amazing Kate Beaton.
  • There is a PRINT EXCLUSIVE ALL NEW 22-page comic by Benito Cereno and Les McClaine. It’s fantastic. I’ve been sitting on it for a year. I can’t wait for you all to read it.

Here is the official Dark Horse solicitation.

What’s better than an evil unicorn motorcycle, monster gang wars, a tennis match against a god of destruction, and banditos on velociraptors—in full color?

…Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything, either.

Award-winning cartoonist Chris Hastings teams up with Dark Horse Books to bring you 232 pages of pure awesome, collecting the first three full-color story arcs of Dr. McNinja, as well as an exclusive-to-print story by Benito Cereno and Les McClaine.

“…almost too awesome for one comic.” -i09

“…a Venture Brothers-like orgy of genre cool, a collage of epic stories that manage to both parody and lovingly exploit the sci-fi fan’s favorite clichés and devices.” -i09

“…comedic genius…” -Comics Alliance

“Seriously the most awesome thing I have ever read.” -Chris Sims (Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog)


Finally, good news for you not going to TCAF. The book is being released EARLY. It’s coming out just DAYS LATER, on May 11th. Info on where you can buy it, as well as info on personalized copies will be posted the Monday beforehand.

Oh boy!