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Big News for Important Times

Let’s get this first one out of the way. Due to the exhaustive nature of New York Comic Con, there will be no Dr. McNinja comic today. Updates resume on Wednesday.


Anthony and I collaborated on a Bad Machinery guest comic that just so happens to have gone up today! It is about the magic wishing pencil that caused all sorts of problems in the Bad Machinery issue that just wrapped up.


This weekend at New York Comic Con, Dark Horse announced that they will be publishing Night Powers, Volume 4 of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. (Oddly enough, no the Axe Cop crossover had nothing to do with it. Dark Horse just has good taste in webcomics. See also their Achewood, Perry Bible Fellowship, and Wondermark collections.)

For more information, sneak peeks, and entertaining tidbits, check my interview with Comics Alliance!