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MoCCA NYC April 9-10


Me and a crew of TopatoCo‘s baddest, most nastiest cartoonists ¹ are going to be at MoCCA in NYC in a couple weeks. You can bet that we are rough and rowdy ² and we are definitely going to be starting fights and flipping tables up in that joint. ³ Come witness the carnage! †

¹ Kate Beaton of Hark! A Vagrant, Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content, David Maki! of everything, KC Green of Gun Show, Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak, and Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl.

² friendly and polite

³ signing books, and avoiding eye contact with threatening looking youths

† generally just pleasant time

Thank you to Daniel for drawing this Dr. McNinja instead of paying attention in math class!


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NYC Appearances and Miscellany

FIRST OFF: Computer difficulties are delaying today’s thrilling update. But everything should be taken care of by the end of the day, and if so the page will go up this evening. The management thanks you for your patience.

COME SEE ME IN THE CITAY: I’ll be at the TopatoCo Table at MoCCA this coming weekend, doing the usual book signings, smilings and hello sayings, etc. (More info in previous post.) But I will also be a guest on Comic Book Club on the 19th to talk about McNinja and Deadpool and comics, oh boy! It’s at the new PIT theater, in the basement, at 8:00 PM, and you should come if you know what’s good for you. EDIT: I thought this was today! It’s not! Don’t go today! It’s not happening!

100 PERCENT CANON DINOSAUR COMICS CROSSOVER: Ryan has established that it was T-Rex himself who invented the sport of “Jetpack human hunting” in the Dr. McNinja universe this story is taking part in. How exciting!


Webcomics Con


Hey! Hey! I’m going to be at the shiny new WEBCOMICS CON in Norwalk, CT this October. YES that is a long ways away, but they are already selling early bird tickets, so I thought you might like to know! Let’s go to this thing!


PS: Thanks to Ian for dressing up as Dr. McNinja, and then making all my dreams come true with the above photo.

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What a lovely Monday!


While today’s comic gets polished up and ready for posting, here are some items of INTEREST.


Thanks to Ben for the astounding and terrifying NASAghast artwork!