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April Appearances

April 2-4th – San Francisco – Wondercon: I’ll be at a booth with David Malki! of Wondermark, Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak, Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie, and Zach Weiner of SMBC! And for one weekend only, we are… The Reason You Came. Booth 425.

April 10-11th – New York – MoCCA: I’ll be appearing with the Topato Corporation (Table F33) along with Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, Kate Beaton of Hark! a Vagrant, David Malki! of Wondermark!, Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator, Andrew Hussie of MSPaint Adventures, and OMG¬†Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content

April 10-11th – Boston – Boston Comic Con: Kent will be making a rare appearance at this show in Artists Alley! The trip isn’t too far between Boston and New York! Get us both to sign your books that weekend! (If you are going to Boston, be sure to find Lauren Monardo too, because she is just¬†terrific.)

April 16-18th – Chicago – C2E2: For the first time ever, I will be exhibiting with Anthony, our colorist, and author of Nedroid! Once you pass the tomb of the silver monkey, climb the stairs to enter the TopatoCo booth, number 965. There you shall find me with uh… other TopatoCo people. I’m not sure which ones yet. Malki! though, for sure. I sure hope we are still friends after seeing each other more in one month than we previously had in entire years.

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Heroes Convention

heroescon10If you like ALL OF THE BEST comic creators, then surely you will find yourself agog wandering the aisles of Heroes Con, THIS WEEKEND.

But you will also find Anthony and me there! We’ll be at the Indie Island with all the other kool kids of komix. We’ll have some books, t-shirts, and prints, but we MIGHT also draw stuff for you too. I’m practicing up with my inkin’, so I do a good job. If you’re near Charlotte this weekend, I hope to see you there! I’m a friendly guy! You can say hi to me.

Team Nice Wizard

Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie is doing a mad book tour, traveling the entire USA, joined by a smattering of webcartoonists at each stop. THIS TUESDAY, July 7th it’s Meredith, Rich Stevens, Jon Rosenberg, and ME signing at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY.

Gosh I sure hope to see you there! I’ll have copies of my most recent book, and some prints with Dr. McNinja fighting space dinosaurs.

David Malki! of Wondermark recently did his own mad tour, and somewhere in between California and North Carolina, he got a little behind on comics making. But that brilliant old fellow knew just what to do. Print out a template, and get his pals to draw in some heads and words! I think it was a great success, and among a few others you’ll find entries by both me and Anthony.

Wrapping up this Dr. McBlogstorm, today Geekosystem asked “prominent geeks” are they on Team Edward, or Team Jacob? You will find my answer at the bottom of the page. My personal favorite answer was from Warren Ellis.



The Minneapolis Indie Expo

Next Saturday (the 21st) I am supremely excited to be visiting Minneapolis for the first time in my life for the very first Minneapolis Indie Expo! If you’re in the area, and you like comics at all, I think you’re going to like this upstart little fella of a show very much.


And I’m pretty sure FANCY DONUTS will be on sale!

It is worth noting that while the show opens at 9 AM, I will not be at my table until around 10:30, because I’m flying in straight from NYC that morning. You bet your ass I’ll be cheerful!

See you there.