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SPX this weekend!

I’ll be over with TopatoCo, Anthony has directions to his own table here. Let’s gooooooo.


Beartato and the Secret of The Mystery

Friends, our colorist, Anthony has just released his first book! I have a copy, and it is very good, and you should buy it. If you want, you can buy it from him when we’ll be at New York Comic Con together! More details on that in the near future.



New York Comic Con

knockknockTell your friends! Tell your enemies! We look forward to seeing you there this coming weekend!

A Weekend of Webcomics Awaits!

This weekend, Anthony ¬†and I will be at the 2nd ever New England Webcomics Weekend! I loved this event last year, and I think I’ll feel the same about this year. The deal is essentially this. All of your favorite webcomic creators decided to make their own show. That’s it. Info is flying out of NEWW HQ, and most recently the programming guide has been released, as well as information on places to eat, and the Friday Night Pub Crawl.

This NEWW we are blessed with a visit by The Once And Future King of Comics, Great Britain’s own John Allison. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be interviewing Mr. Allison live at NEWW, and I MIGHT just open it up to audience questions. So dress in your finest, and think really hard of your best questions.

If you’re attending the pub crawl on Friday, keep an eye on the Twitters, and on the look out for stickers bearing the NEWW Bird.