Vancaf and ADVICE

In just a scant two weeks, I will be appearing at the very first VANCAF! If you live in that area, I hope to see you there! There are plenty of other terrific artists who you may like, as well as fun and interesting events! It’s this May 26-27.

Are you lost? Do you need someone to tell you how to act right? Two of my  favorite podcasts are advice shows, so I figured I might as well share the enjoyment. Sometimes I forget that if you have a website that people come to, it is a nice thing to share the stuff you like, so they get more popular.

First up is My Brother My Brother and Me. Three brothers take questions, and hand out goofs. Not for kids.

The other is A Nerd of Advice, a guide to etiquette for dorks! I try to be a polite young man, but I still find myself learning things from the Nerd of Advice ladies.