Update on Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown card game

In case you haven’t been following the Kickstarter updates on Dr. McNinja’s Legendary Showdown, I’d like to share the latest news. First off, all the cards and boxes are PRINTED! YAAAY! I got my proof copy, and the game looks and feels GREAT. I’m super excited Kickstarter backers are going to be able to play relatively soon.

The manufacturer is currently assembling the games which will take about one more week, and then the pallets are getting shipped to Killer Robot Games from China. That journey could take up to four weeks. Once they arrive at Killer Robot Games, they’ll be fulfilling all the individual orders as fast as they can, and I’m imagine we’ll get another update around that time.

For more details and pictures, you can check out the Kickstarter page. In a couple weeks, Killer Robot will be opening up more pre-orders for people who missed the Kickstarter campaign, and I’ll be sure to link you to that then too.