The Dr. McNinja Omnibus is here!

And you can buy it if you want to buy it!

He’s a doctor! He’s a ninja! And now, his earliest exploits are collected in one mighty omnibus volume! Featuring stories from the very beginnings of the Dr. McNinja webcomic, This book offers a hefty dose of science, action, and outrageous comedy. This omnibus presents more than five hundred pages of hilarious strips, some of them long out of print.


1) ALL the comics from Dr. McNinja #1/2 through Punch Dracula.

2) TWENTY FOUR pages of comics that are NOT available online or anywhere else.

3) Alt Text style commentaries written exclusively for the book.

4) An introduction by your friend and and mine, Ryan Q. North.

5) Let me just go ahead and repeat, there are over 500 pages in this book.

And for a limited time (probably a week or two, or up until the point where the task becomes impossible for me to accomplish) I will personalize your book via a bookplate I have designed for just such an occasion. This is also available for the other Dr. McNinja books.

And as a bonus, if you buy these things, I won’t starve! Always nice not to starve.