The coolest Fanart Friday yet.

I would like to thank everybody for being patient with the past two weeks only having four comic updates. Exhibiting at Comic Con and then recovering from Comic Con takes a toll on a comic making boy. We’ll be back in full swing on Monday. (I might even update early! Who knows?) But I have been been saving this bit of fun news for just such an occasion.

Mitchell Gage, a researcher at Hope college has written in to tell me that he was in the lucky position to name an entirely new species of Bacteriophage (virus that infects bacteria) that has been discovered.

“The virus specifically infects Mycobacteria, which are in the same family as Tuberculosis and Leprosy and these viruses are being researched so that we can figure out very simple and effective ways to combat these illnesses.  This virus isn’t going to be out there fighting disease, but it is contributing to research into how to make viruses that can.”

Ladies and gentleman, the Dr. McNinja virus.

Thank you, Mitchell!