Listen up, you mooks! It’s time to get a little webcomic culture! You can’t just keep going round reading about ninjas and explosions! You need to broaden your horizons. Luckily, Crazy Chris the Nightmare Man is here to help you with some good suggestions.

BAD MACHINERY is a comic about terribly clever British children solving MYSTERIES. The characters are fresh, and the story’s fun and engaging. I would say it’s the highlight of my morning RSS reading. Author John Allison actually makes me angry with how funny the kids are. (I am envious.) Just the wickedest jokes. Great stuff. And now is the best time to hop on board, because the first story, THE CASE OF THE DAMNED UNITED has just finished up! Read it instead of doing your homework!

“Chris. Clever children are fine, but really I’m only interested in reading about one thing, and one thing only. Awesome doctors. That’s why I’m here.”

How are you talking back to me!?! This blog doesn’t have comments enabled! Get outta here! Anyway, I have something for you too. AWESOME HOSPITAL. Dr. Dirtbike. Dr. Space Baby. Dr. BULLDOG ON A SKATEBOARD. That’s all I have to say to you on that. Read it if you like fun.