Patreon Updates

If you’re a fan of looking to the bottom right hand corner of the comic, or looking at the banner ad above the comic whenever nobody is bidding on adspace here, you may have noticed that recently the Adventures of Dr. McNinja has been brought to you through Patreon by viewers like you.

Mega true! For like… a month! So I thought I’d share a bit of what we’ve gotten done on the ole Patreon this month. First off, because generous readers have reached the $500 a month milestone, Anthony and I made a Patron Only wallpaper! You can see a tiny version up above. If you become a Patron, you get access to full sized versions of that. Secondly, because we crossed the $1000 a month milestone, (and you may have noticed this) all Dr. McNinja updates have gone up at MIDNIGHT every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this month. No more missed updates. No more late updates. AND because I have to do them early to hit that midnight deadline, I throw them up behind the Patreon wall early for all the backers. Tomorrow’s page is online there now.

For backers who pledge $5 a month or more, there’s early access to ALL THE OTHER STUFF I’M WORKING ON. Right now that’s basically a second webcomic that I’ve posted six pages of so far. (Preview above)

There’s other stuff! $10 and up backers got a livestream with me last Sunday! I drew Monday’s comic and we chatted. It was a delight. We’re doing it every month. $50 and up backers have some original artwork showing up in their mailboxes later next week. And the $100 club for April is getting t-shirts that I DESIGNED and HAND SCREENED myself! There are only THREE of these t-shirts in existence and they are going to them. May backers will get a wholly different surprise.

Anyway, if you’ve enjoyed this comic for a while, and want to support it, or get in on some extra goodies, consider supporting it through Patreon! We’re getting rather close to the milestone where I get to make an all new feature length digital comic for all backers! Maybe you’ll be the one who pushes it over the edge.

Thank you!


PS: I hate to ask for more, but it seems my recent Deadpool Annual went over pretty well, and there’s a bit of a fan campaign for a Deadpool/Spider-Man team-up miniseries. If you want to join, you can tweet @marvel, or email And of course, if you want ME to write it, you should mention that too. :) Thanks, chums.