Original Artwork Recommendations

As you may know, I sell the original artwork from the comic. It is a lot of pages though, and perhaps hard to navigate if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for! So I have gone through the stack of all of the originals, and made a list of my favorites. For one reason or another, I just really like how these turned out as original artwork. Let me know if you’d like to purchase one (chris at drmcninja dot com)! Or all of them! You should purchase all of them.

The first appearance of Judy. $150

A zombie ninja tries to bite an armored citizen. $65

A possessed Dr. McNinja attacks Judy. $85

The magnificent flying Juan! $75

Dr. McNinja is teleported into Dracula’s castle. $95

Gordito jumps the shark. $95

Mitizi dodges a fireball. $85

Dr. McNinja chats with Dracula. $85

Dr. McNinja and Dracula duel. $85

Dr. McNinja runs to jump off a parking garage. $85

Marty the monster yells at the bad men. $75

King Radical’s sweet knuckle tattoos. $75

Dr. McNinja fights with a “temple guard” on board a plane. $85

Gordito and Judy plot. $75

Friggin’ birdosaurus. $85

Dr. McNinja plays tennis against an ancient robot. $85

The tennis temple begins to self destruct. $85

Dr. McNinja chases King Radical in his car. $75

Dr. McNinja flips his car to fit it through an alley. $85

King Radical launches his dirt bike into a wizard’s face. $95

Dr. McNinja and King Radical sword fight on motorcycles. $75

Dr. McNinja rides his motorcycle through a van. $75

Look at him ride that motorcycle through that van! $85

Dr. McNinja and King Radical continue their chase on a roof. $75

Dr. McNinja and King Radical just keep on going! $85

Dr. McNinja sees a time monster while driving a motorcycle through caves. $85

Dr. McNinja throws the evil motorcycle into the portal. $75

Young McNinja is cloned. $75

Mongo returns! $85

Mongo bursts out of a tree. $75

Frans messing up McNinja clones. $85

Dr. McNinja dodges the flying bodies of his clones. $75

Frans sees Death. $75

Dr. McNinja and Axe Cop discover a clue at the pizzeria! $75

King Radical rides his bike through Chuck’s window. $75

King Radical throws an underling’s bike into a tree. $75