Some things:

Legendary Showdown (almost done! I’ll shut up soon! Some people still haven’t seen it!)

48 hours left to get in on pre-ordering Legendary Showdown via Kickstarter and getting in on the KS exclusive goodies. (Dr. McNinja written pamphlets, challenge coins, bonus cards like those above, sketch cards hand drawn by ME)

The folks at Killer Robot Games have also made a gameplay video that may entice you!

I’ve designed some new merchandise over at TopatoCo! The first is an image of my dog somehow taking control of a battle mech.

The second thing is a mug my wife Carly and I designed together to express certain feelings we may have about a certain meme.

Longshot  Saves the Marvel Universe#2 came out today! You can get it at your local comic shop, or local digital comics reader thing.

It’s probably one of the more enjoyable things I’ve written! Click this-a way for a preview.

Finally, if you’re in New York, I’ve got some comedy appearances coming up! Check my website for dates.