New York Comic Con

I’m going to be making a couple appearances at New York Comic Con this weekend!


12:30pm-1:30pm: Room 1A08: Beyond the Webcomic Panel with Kate Beaton, Ryan North and Seth Fishman.

5pm – 5:40pm: Marvel Comics Booth #1354 : Signing! I will sign whatever physical object you bring for me to sign. Doesn’t have to just be Marvel stuff.


3pm – 3:30pm: ShiftyLook Booth #1620: Ryan North and I will talk about Galaga, and if you want us to sign stuff after, come up and say hi! Ryan is a very tall man, and I am a bearded fellow who will probably be wearing a blazer. Look for that combo.

I hope to see you there!


PS: The uh… the stuff we’ll be talking about in that panel is exactly why there was no page on Monday. Sorry. Deadlines for EVERYTHING are INTENSE right now, partially due to NYCC itself.

PPS: Don’t forget you can get a personalized book this week! :D

PPPS: I’ve got something NEW and VERY COOL and DR. MCNINJA-Y coming soon that I’ve been working on for like… a year or two now.