Interview with Axe Cop’s Ethan Nicolle, and Galaga Update


I had a conversation with Ethan Nicolle, the elder co-creator of Axe Cop over on the Dark Horse blog. Among other things we talk about Ethan and Axe Cop’s upcoming wedding, our upcoming books, the Axe Cop TV show. I really enjoy doing these conversations with Ethan, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

As I hope you already know, I’ve been drawing the Galaga webcomic for Shiftylook. Anthony Clark’s on colors, and it’s written by our pal Ryan North, who conquers all tasks put before him. We’ve just wrapped up Season 1, so if you want to read the whole thing in one go, please do! I’m also happy to say that even though Season 1 is finished, we’re not stopping updates! For the next two weeks, Anthony and I are doing What If style comics, as in “What if we wrote Galaga?” And then after that, Galaga Season 2!