I could use some help.

Hello! I recently got some pretty terrible news in regards to this website. It appears that the Dr. McNinja web host has not charged me for hosting for quite some time now. I thought they were billing me automatically, when actually they were unsuccessfully billing an old card number. I never got any notification there was a problem, and also didn’t notice why I had more money in my bank account than I was supposed to. Then a couple days ago I was emailed and told that if I don’t pay approximately $1400 by this Friday, March 22nd, this website will be shut down, and my debt will be sent to a collection agency. I would really really like that not to happen. Unfortunately, I don’t have $1400 laying around. And so I’m coming to you, the readers for help.

There are a lot of people who read this comic, and if just a portion of you could donate a few dollars, it would cover this expense no problem. I don’t like asking for tips because usually merchandise sales, ad revenue, and freelance work are enough to cover my bills. So I’d like to offer you a new desktop wallpaper! This cast image was made for a Dr. McNinja pitch to Adult Swim (which I am sorry to say they passed on). Now I’m happy to offer it to you, honor system style. Donate whatever you like, then feel free to download the higher-res image here. I’ve cropped a few versions for what I understand are popular resolutions. If yours isn’t there, just go for the biggest one, and adjust it to your liking.

I’ll be sure to update the situation as it progresses. I’ve been very lucky to have a really supportive audience over the years, and I’m sure your generosity will keep the servers going. Any amount you can give will be appreciated and put right into this website.


Wallpaper here (Dropbox resizes previews, so when you get the one you want, hit the “view original” option to get the correct size)

Thank you!

PS: Now would also be an excellent time to consider some original art.

PPS: I fixed the donate link!