Fanart Friday and more!

I have some lovely new fan creations to show off this week.

First is a ghost wizard by Alex Sarunac.


Next up, a crossover comic by Jim Cleaveland.

McNinj 2

And finally… DR. MCNINJA LEGOS, by RJ Prentice.

Dr McNinja Part 1

Thanks, dudes!

Moving on, you remember my dog, Commissioner James Gordon, yes? (Photo by GBIV)

Well it seems he has inspired a band/evil twin, Commissioner JAMS Gordon! You should check out the jams. They’re good jams.

Benito Cereno (who you might know is the fellow I entrust to write book exclusive Dr. McNinja tales) has a new comic series out in stores now, and it is AWESOME.

GUARDING THE GLOBE (click for preview) has some sweet as hell looking action, super funny dialogue, and some of my favorite new characters in comics. Plus it’s in the Invincible universe, and man oh man do I love Invincible. Stop by your local comic shop, or get it for your ipad or something.

Finally, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who bought Machine of Death this week, particularly on Tuesday.

You made Machine of Death the NUMBER ONE AMAZON BEST SELLER, and while has dropped in rank since it’s debut day, it’s still on the top list. I’m really proud to have contributed to the book, and moments like this make me truly grateful to be a creator in the age of the internet.

- Christopher

PS: While the new Dr. McNinja book won’t be out until spring… I have got some really fun new merchandise coming out over the course of the next month. I’m not talking prints or t-shirts either (Okay one of the four things is a shirt). Stay tuned.

PPS: Thanks for being cool about us missing two updates this month! I had a lot of non-comic work, plus I’m still getting used to inking. I appreciate not getting emails with the subject line “WHERE’S THE PAGE YOU LAZY TURD MAN”