Exciting New Projects!

Hey folks! The past couple weeks have been pretty crummy with the page updates, and seriously, I am so pleased nobody was a jerk about it. This is on the internet, where jerks roam like buffalo on the early American plains. So pretty good job not stampeding on me or something. I’m not sure where this metaphor is going.

I have been crummy with the updates because Anthony and I have been working on exciting new things. I’ve got multiple things in the works, and will announce them as they become no longer Top Secret.

FIRST UP: Freelance Beatdown

Jordan Morris is a friend of mine who you might also recognize as one of the most fun voices in comedy. Jordan’s the cohost of the stupendous podcast, Jordan Jesse GO!, as well as a live sketch, improv, and standup performer in the Southern California area. He does other stuff too, but LET’S GET TO THE BIDNESS.

Jordan’s written a script for a TV pilot called “Freelance Beatdown.” I’ve read it, and it’s great. I’ll let Jordan pitch it you now, because he’s better at it than I am.

I’ve written a new television pilot that I’m over-the-moon excited about.  It’s called “Freelance Beatdown.”  As a boy, the main character, Lee Baron attended a secret government boarding school that trains black ops-ready assassins, but he dropped out so he could concentrate on starting a band and smoking weed.  We find Lee a 30-year-old burnout, doing just enough work to pay his rent and enjoying a care-free man child’s lifestyle.  In order to raise enough money to keep his band going, he accepts an offer to do freelance secret agent work.  He must dredge up his latent super-hero skills and decide whether to make something of himself or continue his life of delectable idleness.

I’d describe it as Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the monsters or The Boune Identity with jokes.  I’m always disappointed that action/genre shows don’t pay more attention to character, relationships and humor.  In my humble opinion, FB has all of these in spades. 

To introduce this show to the Hollywood check-signers I’d like to do something special.  These days, a script without a filmed component is more likely than not to just sit in an executive’s drawer.  I’d like to film a staged reading of the show with some TOP COMEDY TALENT.  It will be a nice shoot. 3 cameras, mics for everyone.  The script is pretty packed with action, so for certain fight scenes, we’ll insert a comic rendering of the action drawn by the fantastic comics artist CHRISTOPHER HASTINGS, creator of THE ADVENTURES OF DR. MCNINJA, a fantastic and hilarious web comic.   

That’s right! I’m drawing the fight scenes as a comic! But I gotta get paid! And so do the other performers involved. And so Jordan and I ask you to support this project in whatever capacity you can via Indiegogo. We’ve got some fun rewards for you, including a poster by me signed by the cast, or a signed art print of some of the fight scenes. If you’re a fan of Jordan Jesse Go!, there’s a great reward in there for you too. Once it’s all done, the taped performance will be edited and posted online for all to enjoy. And if things go well, we’ll have a cool new show to watch!

This is a terrific script, and it’s something I’d like to see on TV. Let’s help Jordan make it happen. And hey, if you’re in the LA area, maybe you can go be in the live audience! 

OH, and how’s THIS for an endorsement: “Jordan Morris is smart and hilarious! I can’t wait to see this project.”Bill Corbett of RiffTrax & Mystery Science Theater 3000

Next up, did you know Anthony has a new book out?! YEAAAAAAH and it’s wonderful, as is everything Anthony does. Get it this week, and you can get him to personalize it!

That’s it! Anthony and I have got our lives back on track again, so service interruptions shouldn’t pop up again for a while. Thanks again for being coooooool.

- Christopher