Dr. McNinja Volume 3: KING RADICAL

I’m proud to announce today is the release of The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Vol 3: King Radical.

When Dr. McNinja is believed killed by a vengeful astronaut ghost, the Doc uses the opportunity to infiltrate the criminal organization of King Radical! But should he who fights rad monsters beware becoming one himself? 

This collection continues where Timefist left off, and contains the stories AWOL MD, A Cumberland Ninja in King Radical’s Court, and All the King’s Dirtbikes and All the King’s Men, along with a new, never-before-seen prologue.

“It’s a kitchen sink of action packed weirdness, and it works.” -i09

For a limited time, I will be selling SIGNED AND SKETCHED IN copies through my TopatoCo store!

If you prefer, you can also get the book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or your local comic shop. If you prefer it digitally, you can read it on the Kindle, but I don’t know when it will be eventually out through Comixology or Dark Horse Digital. (The other books are there though)

Thank you for buying my books! Your purchase helps keep me doing this!


PS: For those of you curious about the order, it goes Dr. McNinja Omnibus, Night Powers, Time Fist, then King Radical

PPS: Adventure Time #42 is out today, and I wrote that. I also wrote a backup story in Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #5, with art by Matt Cummings whose new comic, Power Up is also out today!