Dr. McNinja: TIMEFIST is now on sale! With Personalized Editions for a limited time.

Hooray! The new Dr. McNinja book is here! TIMEFIST is the THICKEST VOLUME yet, containing ARMY OF ONE, JUDY GETS A KITTEN, SPACE SAVERS, FUTURES TRADING, and the Axe Cop crossover comic, STOLEN PIZZA, STOLEN LIVES. It also features a FUNKY old introduction by my pal, the godfather of Nerdcore Hiphop, MC Frontalot. And from now until January 2oth, I can personalize your book with a little drawing and a signature!

And hey, while I’m in the TopatoCo warehouse signing books, NIGHTPOWERS is available for personalization too, as well as FEAR ITSELF: DEADPOOL. (And I’ll sign the Deadpool one for free, because hey why not)

Okay, go buy them please, thank you!

Oh! And if you prefer, you can get all these books from your local comic shop or book store, as well as on Amazon.