Dr. McNinja: NIGHT POWERS releasing tomorrow!

I hope everyone is enjoying the preview of Beyond Winter Wonderdome, the full length comic exclusive to the innards of Dr. McNinja: Night Powers. It is written (as have previous backups been) by Benito Cereno, and drawn by Les McClaine. Yes, the men from TICK!

The book release is nearly upon us (TOMMOROW), and with Dark Horse behind it, there are a variety of ways for you to get your hands on the hot jumble of chuckles (we can call humorous books “hot jumbles of chuckles” now, right?).


You can buy it from your local comic shop! (Image from Bergen Street Comics, a favorite of mine) If you can, give it a shot. You’ll be saving money on shipping, and supporting a local business. This is my first entry into comic shops (with Fear Itself: Deadpool being the second next month!), and I’d like for it to be a positive one for the good funnybook peddlers of the world. If you don’t already have a favorite comic shop, here’s a website that will help you find one near you!

You can order the book from Amazon! They’ll likely have the lowest price on the book, plus if you use my referral link, I get a little kickback.


Finally, as always you can order the book directly from me through trusty old TopatoCo. When you order from TopatoCo, this gets me the highest percentage of the sale price. So that’s nice for me.

If shopping through TopatoCo, starting tomorrow, you’ll have the option of ordering this book with a personalized sketch inside the book! We’ll only be running this sale for two weeks. Then I hop on the train to the TopatoCo warehouse, and spend a few days drawing in books, and writing nice messages for their owners. I hope one of these is for you!

As ever, thank you very much for supporting this comic. I love making it, and I’m glad you read it.