Deadpool is out! Deadpool is out!

I am proud to announce that TODAY you may now buy and enjoy Fear Itself: Deadpool #1 (of 3). I WROTE IT YOU GUUUUYYYS! Drawn by the incredible Bong Dazo, with a cover by the hilarious and talented Ryan Stegman. And of course much is owed to Editor X-Treme Jordan White, tying the whole thing together.

If you enjoy either Dr. McNinja OR Deadpool, it is likely you’ll like this comic. There’s explosions, and monster trucks, and a wise cracking, kind of crazy, sword wielding ninja-esque protagonist. And I promise you don’t really need to know anything about Deadpool’s cannon or Fear Itself to understand what’s going on.

Also if it sells well, I look good, and maybe get to write more things. I would like to write more things.

NOW I AM OFF TO COMIC BOOK JONES! Find your local shop here.


Thanks to Jeremy V for the captioned image up top!

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