Boy have I got some blogging for you

Internet people, sometimes I have a bunch of things I forget to write about over time, and I have to make up a bulleted list to let you know about all of them. Perhaps I will come up with a name for these posts. Let’s say it’s the Dr. McBlogstorm March Edition.

  • We have quite a few shows coming up in April (FOUR CITIES. THREE WEEKS), if you’ll just check our Appearances list on the right there. Notably, Kent will be making a rare appearance at Boston Comic Con, signing books, and doing sketches in Artists Alley. I’ll be at MoCCA in New  York that weekend, so clearly you should see one of us on Saturday, and then drive to see the other on Sunday, and then we’ll both sign  your books.
  • Also in KENT NEWS, he’s doing commissions right now! You can check out his site for info and examples.
  • You might remember back in the fall, I asked for your help with my dog, Commissioner Gordon in the Cutest Dog Competition? Some friends made comics to rally support! Well somehow, I missed one! Here it is by Angela Melick of Wasted Talent! Wasted Talent’s a pretty swell comic.

Enough about Dr. McNinja. On to friends.