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Welcome to a website way too long in the making.

Before I get into this, let’s go ahead and get one thing out of the way. See over there on the right? Near the top? Under the Archive link? Yes, RSS. There it is. Click the hell out of that because I know you’ve been wanting that sucker for years.

Hello from the new Dr. McNinja Dot Com! I hope you like our new streamlined look. No more clicking off the index to get to a new page! No more missing the news section because you completely forgot it existed! No more wondering what Dr. McNinja looks like with googly eyes.

Also we’ve got a new host,, which should mean that the downtimes and the slow times are a thing of the past. On the other hand, we are running WordPress for the first time, so the entire thing could just blow up because you looked at it. We’re anxious to find out.

I am aware that there are some things that still need polishing up or added or fixed. I’m not really looking for feedback on “It would be nice to have ____” type stuff. I probably already know what you’re missing. But if you do happen to notice a massive glaring error, please let me know!

Thank you, and enjoy the new site!


Holidays and Interviews

First, a quick note to inform you that the comic will not be updating on Christmas or New Years Day.

Secondly, here are some new interviews! One about the comic. And one about my dog. I think I did a lot of interviews in 2009. 2010, I’m just going to hermit it up a bit more.

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On the Subject of Pirates…

Apparently not all sailors who wore an eye patch were just missing an eye! Fascinating!

MC Frontalot needs a booking agent

Friend of McNinja and Godfather of Nerdcore, MC Frontalot is planning a new tour! Only problem is he needs a new booking agent. And he has no idea how to find one. Maybe you’re one? Click here for more details.

In the likely event that you are not a booking agent or know one, why not just check out some of Front’s jams? He’s pretty good at jams. (Favorites of mine are It is Pitch Dark, Tongue Clucking Gramarian, and RAPPERS WE CRUSH)

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